Everything is about people

If you’re ever doing a talk about the state of the sector you work in and are struggling to think of something profound, try this simple formula: “[subject matter] isn’t about [actually pretty crucial thing]. It’s about people.” Then soak up the applause, give people a chance to tweet pictures of your incredibly insightful slide, […]

A website critique

In a recent Cultural Digital email I said that a newly-launched website for a visual arts venue (I’m not naming them here) fell short in terms of “accessibility, performance, search engine optimisation, and other modern website standards/basic common sense”. I wanted to write something a bit more constructive about the kinds of mistakes and omissions […]

Launching the Library

I’ve launched a thing called The Library. Here’s a bit of background for anyone interested in the what, why, and how. First up, in case you’ve not already, then pop over to The Library and read the FAQ. That should cover the basics. What The Library sits under the Cultural Digital banner – that’s the […]