Digital leadership in the arts

Back in February 2015, the Warwick Commission on Cultural Value published the results of their year-long investigation. Will Perrin spoke to them about digital issues in the British cultural scene and philanthropy and produced an evidence paper back in Jan 2014 that I’ve only recently got round to reading. I’m glad I finally did, though. This post is a […]

My journey to Instapaper Zero

I know the title sounds faintly (ok, a bit more than that) ridiculous, but… it is what it is. If you’ve found this post because you too reached the end of your tether then I hope you’ll understand. A couple of months ago I had about 1,400 unread items in Instapaper, with things saved over […]

Things I’ve written elsewhere

Over the past few months I’ve been writing bits and pieces on all sorts of other websites. Seeing as I’ve not written so much here, I thought I should bring everything together. I’ve been writing things about: How digital distribution affects cultural orgs’ business models The new digital metrics Arts Council England are asking their […]