My journey to Instapaper Zero

I know the title sounds faintly (ok, a bit more than that) ridiculous, but… it is what it is. If you’ve found this post because you too reached the end of your tether then I hope you’ll understand. A couple of months ago I had about 1,400 unread items in Instapaper, with things saved over […]

Things I’ve written elsewhere

Over the past few months I’ve been writing bits and pieces on all sorts of other websites. Seeing as I’ve not written so much here, I thought I should bring everything together. I’ve been writing things about: How digital distribution affects cultural orgs’ business models The new digital metrics Arts Council England are asking their […]

A couple of thoughts on digital project lifespans

I’ve seen a couple of posts about project lifespans recently. The subject’s come up through work a few times too. Avoiding abandonment First up, Keir Winesmith blogged about SFMOMA’s three 18 three approach: Put simply, when you are planning and budgeting a new digital initiative, don’t treat the launch date as the end date. The […]