Palladium/Alphabeat @ Bar Academy, 2/02/08

“We’re Alphabeat and we play pop!” Yes, they sure do! Alphabeat are a pop band who are in the habit of stating the obvious. Six fresh-faced, energetic Danes who do exactly what they say they do. There’s no angst, subtle subtexts or navel-gazing, just honest to goodness, perky nonsense with more bounce to the ounce. You may have noticed they were a CDX top tip for 2008 and for good reason seemingly. Continue reading “Palladium/Alphabeat @ Bar Academy, 2/02/08”

Air/Au Revoir Simone @ Birmingham Academy, 14/11/07

I missed Au Revoir Simone when I went to see We Are Scientists a while back and kicked myself for it. If you’ve not come across their floaty-light ethereal pop tunes, and if that description even half interests you, then I’d urge you to pick up one of their albums. Unfortunately, despite turning up earlier than I usually do I still managed to miss them so this portion of the review comes courtesy of a couple of my friends (hi Kelly and Rich) who I bumped into as I arrived. They’d bought tickets just to see Au Revoir Simone and were going home perfectly happy. I guess that’s a ringing endorsement from them then. Continue reading “Air/Au Revoir Simone @ Birmingham Academy, 14/11/07”

Good Shoes/Lightspeed Champion – Birmingham Academy 2, 11/11/07

Musical taste is a strange and wonderful creature. Not content to divide bands between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ there’s an annoying subset I call ‘good on paper but you’d rather not actually listen to them, y’know?’. Catchy, isn’t it? These ones tick all the right boxes and should be right up your metaphorical alley but something doesn’t click and the chemistry isn’t there.That was the Test Icicles for me. On paper there was so much to recommend them – they made an almighty, parent-baiting racket, had stupid names, lacked anything approaching professionalism and split after one album. Oh, and theirs is the only wikipedia entry that has ever made me laugh (History, para 3). But for all that my heart didn’t like them as much as my head said it should. Continue reading “Good Shoes/Lightspeed Champion – Birmingham Academy 2, 11/11/07”