NME Tour – Birmingham Academy, 6/02/08

In past years getting tickets for the annual NME tour was a case of hammering the phone lines as soon as they opened. Tickets sold fast and with good reason – some timely booking secured acts such as Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs and Maximo Park when they were on the cusp […]

Air/Au Revoir Simone @ Birmingham Academy, 14/11/07

I missed Au Revoir Simone when I went to see We Are Scientists a while back and kicked myself for it. If you’ve not come across their floaty-light ethereal pop tunes, and if that description even half interests you, then I’d urge you to pick up one of their albums. Unfortunately, despite turning up earlier […]

Good Shoes/Lightspeed Champion – Birmingham Academy 2, 11/11/07

Musical taste is a strange and wonderful creature. Not content to divide bands between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ there’s an annoying subset I call ‘good on paper but you’d rather not actually listen to them, y’know?’. Catchy, isn’t it? These ones tick all the right boxes and should be right up your metaphorical alley but something […]