Links for 15 July 2009

D’log :: blogging since 2000 » Spezify – “Spezify has just launched with an impressive and different take on delivering search results. It’s primarily a visual search-engine aimed at designers and creatives, but also slips in relevant text and audio links”. Wow. This is nice (beta) – You can upload videos to using […]

Links for 12 July 2009

Social Media Releases for the music industry – MonkeyWatcher – Advice for bands – “send a quick press release by email, and provide a link to a social media release (SMR), or, in other words, a page aggregating the various items you want to share (music, pictures, videos, blog posts, tour dates, etc.)” I get […]

Picturing social media

I’m often on the look-out for ways of presenting the concept of what social media ‘is’, especially animated ones (I’m an absolute sucker for animation in its many guises). Here are a few easily-digestable faves: I only came across this one the other day. It was produced by Michael Reissinger for Scholz & Friends which […]