Organising a film competition

I’m not quite sure what I’ve got myself involved in here.

I was chatting to Carl from Made Media a couple of weeks ago.  He makes short films from time to time and aparrently, when he was living in Sheffield, he took part in a few little competitions – 24 hours to make a short film, 48 hours to make a short film, 2 weeks to make a music vid with a local band, that sort of thing.

He was lamenting the lack of opportunity to do something similar in Birmingham.  I agreed that there should be something similar here.  In fact I agreed so much that I impulsively offered to organise something myself.


I was thinking that, since taking over Created in Birmingham, I’ve met quite a few people who I reckon would be interested in taking part.  It needn’t take too much to organise (famous last words) and the pressure for everything to be perfect would be off as long as you made it clear that it was being organised out of the goodness of your heart.

So Film Dash was born – a 48-hour film challenge happening the weekend of 18/19 October.

That’ll give me 6 weeks to get everything set up – soon enough to concentrate my mind: enough time for others to get themselves ready.

Very few of the details are together at this stage.  Venues, rules, prizes(?) and all sorts of other things haven’t been sorted.  The idea is to put the idea out there and bring everything together as we get nearer the event (although sooner rather than later).

At this stage I’m doing this entirely independently with no input from anyone else.  I’m happy to bear the organisational weight but some sponsorship from someone – maybe a prize or two – would improve things.

I’ll think about that later.  For now the next job is to get the word out and try and get some more people interested in taking part.

If you know anyone who’d be up for getting involved then please push them towards the Film Dash blog.

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2 replies on “Organising a film competition”

  1. Man, do I feel guilty now if this whole thing falls down 😉

    Seriously, anyone reading this- take part, make a short, make a doc, make an animation- its so much fun but requires a lot of effort from people to get it all arranged. And get in plenty of Red Bull!

    My team will be there no matter what and we’re gunning to win. Even if we win nothing- the kudos is enough for me! Rar! *insert fighting words here* etc

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