Photoshoot with Kate Beatty

As you may know I’ve taken some office space in Fazeley Studios with Substrakt. Another of the sub-tenants is Kate Beatty, a talented photographer who I first heard about via a project where she was profiling Birmingham artists.

The other week her model for a planned shoot had to cancel so, as she had all the equipment to hand and I had a spare half an hour, she asked me to stand in.

Here’s one of the photos. You can see a few others over on Kate Beatty’s blog.


The tangerines are there to add a little colour in case you were wondering.

Actually, I’ve got another photoshoot coming up soon. I won an hour with Lee Allen from Frontrow Photos in the raffle at the recent Twestival event (there’s footage of that here). I’ll post those pics up as and when that happens.

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