Local mixtapes

Three of my favourite mixtapes of recent times have come from local promoters. These are thems.

Sam Redmore – A Party Mix

I keep hearing Sam’s name around at the moment. I wouldn’t exactly say I’ve got my ear that close to the ground so I’m guessing he’s doing some impressive stuff. This is a dead nice eclectic party mix. Really like the Dizzee/Dance of the Knights bit.

Download it from Sendspace and get the tracklisting here.

Bon-Fire – Mixtape 1

My most-listened to mix in a while and proof (cos it’s needed) that there’s some quality indie bands around Birmingham who are capable of shifting hips.

Download it from Sendspace. Tracklisting on the Bon-Fire MySpace.

Raffertie – The Bigger Than Barry mixtape

Rafftertie makes big, ravey, bassy trouser-worrying tunes and plays all over. He turned in a set at Bigger Than Barry the other day and also knocked together a mixtape.

Just as an afterthought, is anyone collecting together, writing about, linking to and covering all the stuff that the city’s promoters are doing? Even sporadically? There’s the Night Times in print but I can’t find anything useful online.

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