Me by Lee

A few months back I won a photoshoot with the estimable Lee Allen of Lee Allen Photography. I first met Lee a while back at a lacklustre gig at the Barfly – I was reviewing, he was photographing. Since then we’ve covered a fair few gigs together so, uncomfortable as I usually am having my pic taken, it wasn’t quite so bad when we spent a morning gadding round Digbeth and Fazeley Studios.

Lee’s a talented guy and he’s turned out some snaps i’m dead pleased with and it’s good to have a stash of profile pics for next time I need one. Anyway, here’s the slideshow:

I was expecting these to be rich pickings for some LOLs but I’ve been spared that, save for this one by Pete Ashton (and that was gentle).

Finally, for anyone who fancies seeing it, here’s the vid of me collecting my prize at BrumTwestival and being verbally abused (in the nicest possible way) by Jon Bounds.

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  1. Nice pics. I know they Jon Bounds’ homoerotic fantasy of you naked on a bearskin rug weren’t realised but never mind. 😉

    By the way, that canal tunnel you’re in is a popular cruising and pick-up point. I got flashed at in it once.

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