Christmas consumption

I’ve two aims for the next week – avoid overeating and catch up on some of the stuff that’s lost out to my recent work/life imbalance.

Books For as long as I can remember I’ve been halfway through Homicide, Trickster Makes This World and Spies. Quite why I think I might get on to Viral Loop, Bringing Nothing to the Party and What Was Lost escapes me, but you’ve got to have ambitions.

Films The folks have got Sky with all the bounty that brings. However, in case there’s nothing watchable there, I’m going armed with Persepolis, Morvern Callar, Synecdoche, New York and Waltz With Bashir.

Games Thanks to a few tweets by Daniel Nye-Griffiths I’ll be playing Machinarium, Samorost 2, The Path, Fatale and The Graveyard, all of which are on offer at the moment (handy tweet 1 and handy tweet 2).

Of course, I’ve not a hope of making it through much of that little lot, but it should be worth a spirited attempt.

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  1. Stalled half way through Homicide! Are you a sentient being? Granted it is massive but it’s also a page turner too. This time last year I missed all sorts of deadlines due to that book.

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