Sorting out this blog

I’m putting a bit more effort into this website. Its purpose has drifted back and forth over the past five years and most of the time it’s served as an ad-hoc dumping ground for things I wanted to publish but couldn’t find a home for elsewhere.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but now I want to give the blog a bit more direction. For the foreseeable, this is where I’ll be leaving some of my thoughts around the arts/digital crossover stuff that I work on day-to-day.

As a first step, I’ve dusted off the blogroll. I’ve trawled through my feeds and pulled out links to some of the people, organisations and resources that consistently keep me updated and keep me thinking. If you’re interested in this stuff then it’d be worth your while checking them out.

Over the past few weeks I’ve pulled together a list of topics, just to make sure I’ve got enough to write about. Turns out that wasn’t a problem, so brace yourself over the next few weeks for posts about silos, ruining the magic, rockstars, marriage and mailing lists. I suspect it won’t be as much fun as it sounds, but let’s give it a go.

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