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Thoora is a service for aggregating a bunch of information around a topic. It combines automatic discovery with human curation. In their words, it’s:

a new way for you to discover, monitor, and share the best of the web: by creating living bodies of knowledge on the topics you choose

I started a topic called Arts/Digital by:

  • setting some keywords for the search-powered News section
  • populating the Feeds tab with my blogroll (the best feature for me – it’s like a public RSS reader)
  • adding a bunch of respectable people to the Tweets tab

It took maybe 15 minutes to do and you can see the results for yourself. I popped back a few times over the afternoon and, although I can’t see it replacing my RSS readers or Twitter, I can see a few other possible uses for it.

For instance, if there’s a subject I need to keep abreast of for a short-medium term period then this might do the job. I’m also tempted to start a Created in Birmingham topic and load it with every Birmingham arts blog and Twitter account I follow. I might do the same with the Arts Council RFO/NPOs for each region. Maybe.

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4 replies on “Arts/Digital on Thoora”

  1. I’ve just discovered Thoora too (through a targeted Facebook ad no less). It seems interesting. The test topics I created seemed to pick some interesting stuff from sources I wouldn’t have come across otherwise.

    It struggled with my Chelsea FC list though – lots of news of celebs living it up in Chelsea (LDN/NYC)! If it is intelligent enough to start filtering content on the basis of what you reject it might be quite a nice tool.

    They responded to my mention on Twitter too, and we’ve exchanged a couple more tweets suggesting they’re open to feedback.

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