Collaboration, whether you like it or not

From a Creative Generalist post titled ‘What Specifically Do Generalists Do?‘:

As incredibly useful as social networking tools are, they are limited because they are used voluntarily and by the self-aware. There are many instances where organizations are not, in their processes, motivated to function horizontally or outside of their traditional bounds, and there are many talented individuals locked in the tunnel vision of their pursuits, blindly unaware that collaboration could be the best move they make.

See also what Trendwatching call idle sourcing:

most consumers – while they might want to contribute – find that it’s too difficult or too much hassle. Which is why you can expect to see more IDLE SOURCING initiatives in 2012: products and services that make it downright simple (if not effortless) to contribute to anything, from pinpointing roads in need of repairs to finding signs of extraterrestrial life.

Worth thinking about.

Published by Chris Unitt

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