This blog post from Birmingham Opera Company has a lot to recommend it:

  • It’s on Tumblr, which means I can subscribe to get more updates, either by RSS or by hitting the ‘follow’ button. There are links to Twitter and Facebook accounts too if I’m interested in following along.
  • It’s clearly a message from a human, not just a regurgitated press release. Also, Jean’s left her initials at the end of the post, to show which human wrote it.
  • There’s a link to information about buying tickets. That’s good to see.
  • The video is an interesting little behind-the-scenes glimpse and only 99 seconds long. If you didn’t know what BOC’s productions were like you might not expect to see a mix of people in an old warehouse all having a laugh together.
  • The film has been shot on small handheld camera – maybe a phone, maybe a Flip. It might have been topped and tailed, but there’s no other editing going on and so fewer reasons not to get the thing online nice and quickly.

All of which is very nice.

However, the actual best thing about this post is that the video is of their Artistic Director, Graham Vick CBE, crowdsurfing the opera’s chorus. That’s just gold, that is.

Content is king, as they say.

Birmingham Opera Company

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