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Here’s a quick question – I’d be really grateful for any answers or examples in the comments or on Twitter.

The way I see it, the person(s) in charge of an organisation’s digital/social media profiles (I’m mainly thinking of Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, etc) is likely to be one of the first to know about:

  • Feedback meant for the rest of the organisation (whether positive, negative or neutral)
  • Opportunities for new work, partnerships, funding, events to attend, etc
  • Which types of digital content are most popular with others
  • Who the organisation’s biggest fans are
  • Which of the organisation’s peers could do with help on a particular project (which might involve lending equipment or just answering a quick question)

As well as just hearing what others are getting up to and getting an idea of what’s hot or not in the industry or sector as a whole.

My question is this: how should they feed information back to the rest of the organisation?

I’m really thinking of small to medium sized organisations here – big enough to have different people with different responsibilities but not so big we’re getting into heavyweight internal corporate comms territory.

I’ve come across a few different ways in my time and it differs depending on how serious or time-sensitive something might be:

  • Tell everyone in a weekly meeting
  • Produce a monthly report or round-up
  • Print off tweets/comments/etc and pin them to a noticeboard (see Zane Lowe here)
  • Use a piece of software (maybe a ‘listening dashboard‘ everyone has set as their homepage)
  • Nothing set in stone – just flag things up as and when (if at all)

I’d love to hear about any processes, tools and habits you use (or have thought about adopting).

Reporting info from social media to others in an organisation

Some answers to a question I asked in this blog post:

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@ChrisUnitt Like the listening dashboard idea. I do monthly reports, a twitter/FB noticeboard with interesting comments & ad hoc emailsJan McQuillan
@ChrisUnitt Mostly verbal updates, plus an SEO-for-laymen presentation I nicked off @SusanHallam.Clare Lovell
@ChrisUnitt Ppl tend to glaze over at the actual numbers, so I use things like search terms and klout categories to make it friendlierClare Lovell
@ChrisUnitt I generally just tell people e.g. "We have 50 more followers after that campaign", and bring graphs/stats to team meetings.Taras Young
@ChrisUnitt Mainly just how much traffic we’ve had from each SM platform each month.Victoria Thompson

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