Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing the Power Searching with Google online course, run by the search engine folks themselves. Now, I rate my searching skills reasonably highly but I figured there’d be something in there that would be useful.

Besides, I’ve been taking more and more of an interest in online course delivery lately – the Codecademy, MITx, Coursera, Duolingo (etc and so on) thing that’s going on at the moment is fascinating.

The Google course was well run and delivered in nice, bite-size chunks. The online tests have been taken down now but all the resources are up there. I didn’t learn an awful lot but I wasn’t aware of filetype search before, it gave me a reason to check out what image search could do and I tightened up what I knew around word order and excluding terms.

Anyway, I got a certificate for completing the course so here it is:

Power Searching with Google certificate

Mum’ll be proud.

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