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Now here’s a thing:

The Arts Holland linked open data platform gives developers free access to a rich interconnected collection of data on tourism and culture, allowing them to build smart innovative applications to serve todays cultural tourists.

Arts / digital links

The slides from this presentation warmed the cockles of my heart: Cut Through the Web Analytics Fog: Using GA Data Grabber to Act on Your Museum’s Website Data. They’re from a workshop looking at using Google Analytics (with a focus on GA Data Grabber) to make data-driven decisions in a museum context. Now, if only this was a bit more widespread.

The slides were from a presentation at the Museum Computer Network’s recent conference. I’ve bookmarked some other presentations to catch up on at some point and might stick them in next month’s round-up.

Sky Arts have released an iPhone app which serves up geolocated arts-related facts and video content. It does rely on you having GPS on permanently though, so it didn’t last long on my phone. In other apps news, YPlan is good for last minute discount tickets in London.

Various bits and bobs:

  • YouTab is a very social community of musicians sharing tabs and chords for guitar, bass and drums. It’s seriously brilliant – lots to love about it.
  • I’ve only flicked through The Balanced Value Impact Model but it’s about how to measure the impact of a digital resource.
  • Neatline is an add-on for Omeka that lets you tell stories with maps and timelines

Meanwhile, here’s one for the ‘same as it ever was’ department. It’s a quote from ‘At Home’ by Bill Bryson (via russell davies):

For years he refused to accept that the future of motion pictures lay in projecting images on screens because he hated the thought that they could become visible to someone who had slipped into the viewing chamber without buying a ticket. For a long time he held out for the idea of keeping them securely inside hand-cranked peepshow boxes.

Other links

Actually, while we’re looking back, The Onion’s 2000 article Area Man Consults Internet Whenever Possible was presumably poking fun at something back then.

Dave Harte looks at Parkrun as a model for innovation with a good description of how it operates and how elements might be borrowed for managing informal conferences.

Booz & Company look at digitisation and the companies and industries “racing to migrate “analog” approaches to customers, products, services, and operating models to an always-on, real-time, and information rich marketplace

  • Show Slow lets you monitoring various website performance metrics over time
  • does some clever email automation based on user data
  • Klaviyo does some interesting email and analytics stuff too

I’m a little bit fascinated by good newsletter-driven businesses. Photojojo is the latest one I’ve come across. There’s lots to learn from that sort of thing.

Apps, services, etc


It’s nearly the festivus holiday season, so here’s a nice tree:

Reminds me quite a bit of Etienne de Crecy’s stage set, which I still like a lot.

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