The Cultural Digital newsletter

Earlier today I sent out the first edition of the Cultural Digital newsletter. If you want, you can sign up to the list here. Or, if you’re reading this on my site, via the various prompts you may well have seen.

The idea is to send out links to interesting digital developments from in/around the arts and culture sector, plus any notable events and jobs that I come across. And any other stuff that I think is worth a mention. If you ever read my old link round-up posts then you’ll know the kind of thing. I’ll also include links to anything new that I’ve written, either here or elsewhere.

It’ll probably be semi-regular, rather than fitting to a regular rhythm. It’ll probably also evolve over time. We’ll see what shape it takes. I’m also half-considering giving it over to guest editors every so often, just because I think that’d be interesting. The list has got a few hundred subscribers and the open rate has always been high, so it’s a good audience. We’ll see about that though.

Anyway, like I say, please sign up if you’re interested.

Published by Chris Unitt

I work at One Further, doing digital projects with cultural organisations. Follow @ChrisUnitt or find me on LinkedIn.