The digital visitor experience

I’ve written a post for Create Hub about the role of the digital analyst in cultural organisations.

The general argument that I wanted to make is that, although the front of house experience is a Very Important Thing in theatres, concert halls, museums, and other such venues, the digital equivalent is somewhat neglected.

By which I mean, it’s rare that anyone one person is responsible for looking after the needs of the very many people who encounter the organisation online. Sure, lots of people do bits and bobs, but in most cases it’s not taken as seriously as I think it should be. Not really.

Spotting problems, helping people, anticipating issues, keeping an eye out for opportunities to enhance the visitor experience – it’s all part of the job.

Shortly after writing it, I read Shelley Bernstein’s piece on Why a Chief Experience Officer matters which makes the case for looking at the physical and digital together as part of a wider whole. Which I’m totally down with.

I just get the impression that the sector is pretty well versed in providing excellent experiences in person (there are tools, techniques, even an industry body and all sorts of awards), while the digital side of things is lagging far behind.

Published by Chris Unitt

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