Writing for scanners

From a post titled Offline Storytelling for Online Scanners by Karina who works at Big Spaceship: Most of what we do can be classified as digital – which means we’re telling stories in the very environment that has spawned so many Scanners. Our stories live in a “place” that cannot be measured or contained…in formats […]

Showing my working: supporting arts bloggers

This is a quick exercise in collecting together some thoughts from a few other people. I’ve been mulling some stuff around for a little while which will probably result in a blog post at some point. It’s something to do with whether/how arts and culture websites (in particular) can or should be supported by marketing/PR […]

Lessons from Club Mumble

Or maybe not lessons but inspiration. Or something. I’m not sure yet. I stumbled across Club Mumble (NB: link disabled cos Google’s reporting malware) yesterday. I’m not quite sure how/why but I’ve been looking at doing a new project and have been finding all sorts of interestingness. Mumble’s fantastic – a rambling great big group blog with […]