Basia Bulat @ The Glee Club, 31/05/07

You readers may have seen a piece on this site back on 10 May titled Introducing Basia Bulat, heck, you might even remember it – there was a reference to the new ‘Canadian sensation’ signed to Rough Trade, a clutch of tracks to listen to and a handful of live dates. I confess I didn’t really pay too much attention.Anyway, a couple of weeks later I was asked if I wanted to go and see her perform live and, having nothing else to do that evening, I agreed and half-heartedly set about listening to whatever tunes I could get hold of. Which was when I realised I’d been saved from making quite a silly mistake. Continue reading “Basia Bulat @ The Glee Club, 31/05/07”

Madeleine Peyroux @ Symphony Hall, 15/04/07

While the Arctic Monkeys prefaced their album launch telling every magazine, newspaper and passer-by that would listen how publicity-shy they are, Madeleine Peyroux’s thoughts on the trappings of fame are likely to be much more illuminating but much less likely to be heard. Following up an album that was well-received in the US by relocating back to Paris (where she lived from the age of 15) for six years to busk and make occasional appearances under pseudonyms is a route that would put to shame most who scorn the ‘careerist musician’. Madeleine’s contribution to music has, to a great extent, been on her own terms and so it is to be expected that a large tour will be conducted under the artist’s terms or not at all. She seems happy in her freedom and has a stage presence that eschews showiness and is collected and charismatic. Continue reading “Madeleine Peyroux @ Symphony Hall, 15/04/07”

Metric/Scissors For Lefty @ Bar Academy, 29/08/06

“When we trash the place this is the first thing that’s going”. Emily Haines has only just walked out on stage and she’s not happy, the barrier between her band and the crowd provoking her ire, but in the end her declaration of intent goes unfulfilled. Still, Metric are definitely in the mood to use the intimate confines of Bar Academy to make an impression. The venue sold out some weeks ago and it’s a mystery why the show wasn’t upgraded to the Academy next door (a lesson learned perhaps – they’re playing the larger venue on the next tour later this year). As it is, the overwhelmingly young crowd are packed in to see Metric churn around their pen, Emily thrashing around like a ball of pent up of energy. But hang on, I’m getting ahead of myself. Continue reading “Metric/Scissors For Lefty @ Bar Academy, 29/08/06”