NGA blog and Birmingham coworking

This is the story of two items on today’s to-do list. New Generation Arts Festival blog BCU have hired several bloggers to cover different aspects of this year’s New Generation Arts Festival. As a fairly direct result of my work with My Fierce Festival I’ve been asked to cover the ‘online interactive’ side of things […]

Infadels @ Birmingham Barfly, 16/3/08

It speaks well of a band when, with the venue just over half full, the band’s appearance causes everyone in the crowd to huddle down the front with not a single straggler left propping up the walls. Before being assigned to cover this gig I knew two things about The Infadels – their dance/rock songs […]

Foals / Youthmovies @ Birmingham Academy 2, 12/3/08

As support bands go you can’t ask for much more than what Youthmovies provided. Revealed later on to be Foals’ favourite band, they were a diverting hotch potch of styles and genres. Their set included some Money Mark-stle keyboards, the guitarist abandoning his guitar to be a second drummer and an LCD Soundystem-esque finale. A […]