Links for May 2013

Have a play with the Google Street View Hyperlapse if you’ve not already, or at least watch the video. It’s great. Arts, digital, etc The Digital Public Library of America is ‘a platform’. Nymbol connects digital content like text, photos and videos with physical objects and places. Could be used to create apps that help people discover and explore […]

Links for April 2013

Photo by Pete Prodoehl. Easily the best thing I read over the past month was Megan Gardner’s article for The Atlantic, A Brief History of Applause, the ‘Big Data’ of the Ancient World. It’s all quite interesting stuff but the reframing of social sharing is very neatly done. Especially the last bit of this quote: […]

Links for March 2013

I’ve not seen the show before but I liked Portlandia’s take on conceptual art: And who controls the global monopoly on those little cards? Arts / digital links Watershed in Bristol are ditching their monthly print brochure in favour of their website, email lists and social media, saying “we have finally reached the point where […]