Links for August 2013

A lovely promo video for The Other Way Works‘ Bandstand app (available on iOS and Android) The Bandstand Audio Theatre Experiences were created by artists from The Other Way Works and influenced by local history research and conversations with park users and local groups. The final pieces are like short radio plays that tell a […]

Links for July 2013

That’s a map of London, made by plotting the location of tweets from different mobile devices. Via Twitter + GNIP. Arts/digital links Phil Thompson took screenshots of paintings that had been blurred out on the Google Art Project website due to copyright reasons. He sent those to oil painting reproduction companies in China and had […]

Links for June 2013

NYLPT: Randomly generated sequences of Jason Evans’s street photographs collected in New York, London, Paris and Tokyo – double exposures made in camera on film – are combined with a randomly evolving soundtrack generated through a combination of 17 synthesizers. Arts, digital, etc Yet again, more interesting stuff from job descriptions. This time there’s a […]