Mobile websites in the arts sector

This is the first post in the Arts Analytics series and, to kick things off, I thought I’d start with something straightforward – mobile websites. I’ll cover things in this series of posts that are less clear cut, but this one really is a no-brainer. More and more people are accessing websites on mobile devices […]

Research into arts patrons’ mobile preferences

Group of Minds, the arts and technology consultants over in Silicon Valley, have commissioned an update to their 2009 research into the mobile preferences of arts patrons. You can download the report from here. I’ve been looking at differences in mobile traffic, conversion rates and use cases lately so I found this interesting. I’ve mostly […]

A year of Guardian Cultural Professionals

On Thursday evening I went along to the Guardian’s offices for a get-together celebrating a year(ish) of their Cultural Professionals Network. I’ve written the odd thing for them in the past, hence the invitation. It was a very pleasant evening . There was some drinking and chatting before we were ushered upstairs for an introduction […]