Looking forward on a Sunday night

I’ve just got back from seeing the oh-so-lovely Tina Dico at the Glee Club.  I’ll get the review for that up tomorrow but for now, suffice to say that she’s much better live than on record.  And very beautiful.

Tomorrow I’ve got the second day of the music marketing course.  Unfortunately I can only make the morning session but as that’s on plugging tracks to TV, clubs, colleges and universities I’ll live with it.  The afternoon will focus on guerilla marketing which will be a little less relevant for me (I think/hope).  I’ll definitely be posting about that.

In the evening I’m seeing MGMT who I’ve been hearing lots of good things about.  On Tuesday I’ve got a break from live music but from Wednesday I’ll be seeing Laura Marling, The Levellers and perhaps Envy & Other Sins on consecutive days.  Phew!  I’m not complaining though.

Before seeing Tina Dico I went along to the first Birmingham Live meet-up.  It was good to meet Steve Gerrard and Dave Allen again and to meet some others, including Bianca Barrett whose work I like.  There seems to be a good flush of enthusiasm about the project, I guess it’s just a question of trying to keep that up.

Excitingly I’ve just heard a couple of new tracks from Culturedeluxe signing Young*Husband and they’re better than the last single we put out.  The next release will be something to look forward to, especially as Steve Lamacq played the last one on R2 the other week.

Another busy week then.  However, right now it’s almost midnight and in all my comings and goings this evening I’ve not yet eaten.  I’d best go rustle something up.

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