Glow release I, Yeah

It’s funny how you can have a stack of important posts to put up ‘soon’ but then something genuinely exciting comes along to cut through all of that, compelling you to put finger to keyboard.

The release of Glow‘s debut album ‘I, Yeah’ today is genuinely exciting.

And no, I’ve never met them. In fact I’ve no idea how I ever heard about them, I’m just glad I did. I don’t even know that much about them but I’ve been on their mailing list for a while now and have been greedily hoovering up all the free tracks they’ve been making available (here if you want to catch up).

Their debut is self-released and only costs a fiver. For music this good that’s obscene, so please go and buy it at It’s not often I’ll bang on about a band but these guys are worth it.

Oh, what do they sound like? Well you might as well just go to and listen like for yourself but “woozy, glacial poptronica” is a pretty good description.

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