SXSWi Notes: F*ck Stats, Make Art

F*ck Stats, Make Art

Dave OlsonDir of Fan Communities,

SXSW 2009

Art Makes The Future
More interested in what to blog or twitter about rather than blogging about blogging and tweeting about Twitter.

Popular art is not the stuff that lasts
No matter the circumstances, etc are, it’s the words that live on.

Craft + intent / integrity = art
(not a perfect formula but something to work from)


  • Upgrade your heroes
  • (something about telling stories)
  • Embrace translucency (because not everything is interesting)
  • Improve cross-training
  • Up your skills
  • Don’t get precious
  • Ignore the gatekeepers (you can publish yourself)
  • Reap the rewards

There was a time when bloggers had the space to themselves and could be dismissive of traditional media, saying ‘they don’t get it’. Now all newspapers have blogs and there’s some good talent out there.

How can you rise above that? By being a better writer. Blogs, etc are the medium. That’s all. It’s still writing.

Build your castles in the air and put the foundations under them.

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  1. Thanks much for coming by my prezo Chris – Hope you scored a good hero card. I would like to spread my message of translucency and creativity to more audiences around the world.

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