The CUnetwork – my Delicious/Twitter solution

I like Delicious a lot. It’s like the Internet’s version of a gated community, but one that’s open to any content as long as it meets some fairly simple criteria – it must be good enough for someone to want to bother bookmarking it with Delicious.

It’s nicely flexible too, with many uses. I ‘follow’ a bunch of interesting people to see what they reckon is worth bookmarking. The only problem is, for one reason or another, I don’t tend to visit the site very much.

Twitter‘s nicely flexible too, and also has many uses. Unlike Delicious I follow Twitter a lot (usually via Tweetie). So, what I’ve done, is plug an RSS feed from my Delicious network into a new Twitter account (using Hootsuite to do that). That way new links will plonk into the stream of updates I follow, or I can check the profile if I feel the need.

The profile’s called CUnetwork. Ta da.

CUnetwork (CUnetwork) on Twitter

I did try turning an RSS feed of these links into an email (using xFruits) but that wasn’t great. This is working better so far.

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