Back from SXSW

SXSWi.Austin. - Big Brother House

I got back from SXSWi yesterday. I’ve got notes to write up about the various sessions I went to (the good ones at least) but for now:

  • It was good. Not revelatory, but definitely worthwhile
  • was a great iPhone friendly tool, much better than the official app. Here’s my schedule for the week
  • I lost my voice for the first few days. Socialising when you can’t talk can be a depressing experience
  • Again, meeting folks from the UK was the best and most useful part of the trip
  • We stayed in a great house (above) but next year I’d rather be closer to the centre of town
  • If you think there’s a limit to the number of foods that can be served with cheese, you’ve not been to Texas
  • Texan cab drivers are great ambassadors for their city, although the one that kept going on about the Cherokee nation did scare me a little

(Pic by Toby Barnes)

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