SXSWi 2010: Day 1

I’ve been back from SXSW for a little while now and, as I write this, my notes are still stuck in a small green notepad.

Last year I typed them all up as quickly as possible and put them on this blog. This year I’ve decided to let things seep in a little more. There’s really no rush and last year I tended to find that the best snippets from SXSW became apparent after a bit of a break.

I’m going to round things up a day at a time. If any sessions merit a longer treatment then I’ll see what I can do.

Btw, here’s a full list of the sessions I went to.


History of the Button was quite diverting. More of a warm-up to the rest of the conference than anything else. The podcast is available here if you’re interested.

Long Distance UX didn’t really deliver what I was after, being the exception to the rule that says ‘pick the speakers, not the topics’. It was all far too basic for me and not applicable to my work.

It says here that I attended Time + Social + Location but if I did I can’t remember it. Ah yes, I can – they pointed out that it was the first of a fair number of location-related panels. Location was big at SXSW with Foursquare and Gowalla competing for users. I don’t have any particularly insightful notes from this session though.

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