Where are the stars of Facebook?

Just a quick one.

A few years back there were stories in the papers (accurate or not) about people/bands/whatever coming to wider prominence having built an audience via their Myspace accounts (think Lily Allen, Arctic Monkeys, Tila Tequila and so on).

Meanwhile on Wikipedia there’s a whole list of YouTube personalities featuring plenty of people who have used the platform to find fame and, in some cases, fortune. There are comedians, actors, musicians, beauty experts and people selling blenders.

So what about Facebook? There have been plenty of causes and campaigns that have gained traction there, but I can’t think of any individuals (or bands) who’ve translated big followings into recording contracts, book deals or TV series. Have I missed something?

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5 replies on “Where are the stars of Facebook?”

  1. @ChrisUnitt I guess it is the fundamental problem of coming from a background of having to ‘know’ the person & now ‘likes’ are a bit diluted

  2. @crockfordphotos I think that has something to do with it. But then groups and pages have been around long enough

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