Arts, culture and what’s on mailing lists

Mailing lists are great. Sign up to one and, on a regular basis, suggestions for interesting things to do will drop into your inbox. What’s not to love about that? They’re especially good for getting to grips with a new city.

The problem is that they’re sometimes not all that easy to discover. To the best of my knowledge, there isn’t a handy mailing list repository that anyone can search. So I thought I’d kick something off.

Here’s a spreadsheet of what’s on mailing lists:

I’m pretty certain there are more than this, so…

Help me add to the list

If you know of any other what’s on mailing lists then fill out this very quick form.

If there’s anything wrong on the spreadsheet (for example, dodgy URLs or long-dead lists) or if you can think of any ways to improve this then please leave a comment below.

NB: Ideally, I’m looking for what’s on mailing lists that cover events in a particular geographic areas (regions, cities, etc). I’m not looking for the mailing list for your individual venue/theatre company/band/whatever.

I’ll check for submissions and update the spreadsheet above on a semi-regular basis. I’d open it up more, but I’ve seen this sort of thing get abused by spammers before so am going to take on a bit of admin to prevent that.

A couple of thanks

With thanks to Jake Orr (@jakeyoh) for kinda prompting me to do this and Alex Jones (@jones_alex) for kicking off this list a little while back.

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