Visualising movement in museums and on stage

A couple of roughly related projects, both looking at how people move around in cultural contexts. The first one looks at how museum visitors find their way through collections. Andrew Oriani is a physicist and apparently knows a thing or two about statistical mechanics. While taking an art class: Andrew sat for about 20 minutes […]

Links for 6 June 2012

Let’s kick this off with Aram Bartholl’s Online Gallery Playset. I like that. See the full post for a video, instructions and more pics. Arts/digital links The Digital Museum is a (roughly weekly) email newsletter from Tate’s John Stack with lots of lovely links to digital media and emerging technologies in museums, art galleries and archives. […]

Arts, culture and what’s on mailing lists

Mailing lists are great. Sign up to one and, on a regular basis, suggestions for interesting things to do will drop into your inbox. What’s not to love about that? They’re especially good for getting to grips with a new city. The problem is that they’re sometimes not all that easy to discover. To the […]