Twitter is Marlo Stansfield

Recently, there’s been more than the average level of moaning about how Twitter isn’t what it used to be. The moaners being the tech-savvy crowd who adopted the service early on. They’re not keen on how Twitter’s selling itself to the mass market.

Anil Dash has given a rather pragmatic explanation of why that complaint is wrong and (to the extent that I can muster the energy to care either way) I broadly agree with what he says. Only I would explain it in different terms:

Twitter is Marlo Stansfield; the early adopters are the security guard.

It’s not just that quote either:

  • Marlo wants to control how his drugs (tweets) are distributed via corners (apps/third party website integration)
  • His motives can put him at odds with the dealers (or developer community)
  • His name is his name – sounds like tightly controlled brand/logo usage guidelines to me

I’m sure you could come up with your own. As far as comparisons go, I reckon this one works.

Published by Chris Unitt

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