Last week I announced the launch of One Further.

One Further is a digital consultancy and it’s where I’ll be earning my keep from now on. I’m planning to keep working within the arts and culture sector (although not exclusively), mostly around:

  • Content: strategy, planning and production
  • Search engine optimisation: auditing and planning
  • Analytics: audits and training
  • Social Media: strategy, planning and training
  • User Testing: remote or in-person testing of web/mobile sites and prototypes

…and anything else along those lines – research, mentoring, training, workshops, website brief writing and that sort of thing.

I’m very pleased to say that I’ve got some good work lined up already, but I’m available to hire and am looking for projects now, so get in touch if I can be of use.

I’m also keen to mix client work with a few self-directed projects. There are two in particular that I’ll be working on and (fingers crossed) unveiling by the end of this year. If you’re intrigued, the best place to get early access to anything will be through the One Further mailing list.

Actually, I should add that if you want to follow One Further-related shenanigans you can do that on Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare, Google+, Soundcloud… basically anywhere you may care to look.

So yes, that means that, after three good years, I’ve left Made Media. It’s hard to explain just how good Made are and I learned so much there it’s untrue. For that I have to thank Jake, Tim and Carl for the opportunity to do some great work, alongside some excellent colleagues for some truly exceptional clients.

I know Made have got some superb work in the studio at the moment and it’s going to be tough not being a part of that. I’ll just have to cheer from the sidelines from now on.

Leaving a place like that isn’t easy but it does make you more determined to make it the right choice. On that note, thanks to everyone who’s offered congratulations and support so far – it’s very much appreciated.

Published by Chris Unitt

I work at One Further, doing digital projects with cultural organisations. Follow @ChrisUnitt or find me on LinkedIn.