Everything is about people

If you’re ever doing a talk about the state of the sector you work in and are struggling to think of something profound, try this simple formula:

“[subject matter] isn’t about [actually pretty crucial thing]. It’s about people.”

Then soak up the applause, give people a chance to tweet pictures of your incredibly insightful slide, and revel in your newfound role as a fearless iconoclast.

The great thing is, this works for just about anything. Here are some examples I’ve come across lately :

  • Digital engagement isn’t about technology. It’s about people.
  • Business isn’t about generating profits. It’s about people.
  • Photography isn’t about cameras. It’s about people.
  • Property isn’t about bricks and mortar. It’s about people.

Have a quick look on Twitter. I bet you find a few more.

I mean, I get what people are trying to say, but there must be a better way.

Published by Chris Unitt

I work at One Further, doing digital projects with cultural organisations. Follow @ChrisUnitt or find me on LinkedIn.