Coming soon…

Ok, before I go and get busy, I mentioned in may last (first) post that I’ve got quite a full couple of weeks coming up.  I’m just going to run through what I’ve got on my plate.

On the gigs front, I’ve got the review of tonight’s Cut Your Hands Off/Cazals/Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man show to write up.  The review will be up here and on Birmingham Live tomorrow along with what look like being some pretty good photos.

Upcoming gigs include

  • Eels (TBC)
  • Sarabeth Tucek
  • Tina Dico
  • MGMT
  • Laura Marling
  • The Levellers.

I might be doing interviews with a few of those too – fingers crossed.

Also coming up is the Birmingham Live meet-up on 2 March at 5pm, Poppy Red.  It’ll be good to meet everyone involved with that and figure how it’ll be organised and where we can take the whole thing.

I’m also lucky enough to have been accepted on to the music marketing course being run by Punch Records.  We’re hoping to do some interesting things with Culturedeluxe Records this year and I’m looking forward to what I can learn on that course. That starts on Monday so I’ll be reporting back soon.

Where the day-job fits in with all this I don’t really know.

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