Tap tap. Is this thing on?

Hi there, welcome to my blog.

Having reviewed gigs around Birmingham for the past couple of years I thought it’d be a good idea to have somewhere to deposit all the good stuff I’ve been churning out. I’m also planning to use this as somewhere to jot down what happens outside the focus of the review and to add a little personal context I suppose.

I’ll also be able to talk about the record label I’m involved with, post up the interviews I occasionally do and spread around give out the odd mixtape as and when I knock one together. I’ve got a busy couple of weeks coming up so I guess I should make this house a home first – sort out a theme I like, play with some plugins and post up some old reviews. Best get to it then.

Oh, and I guess I should mention that while I’ve been getting this right I’ve been listening to albums by Laura Marling, Tindersticks and The Gutter Twins, all of which are very good.

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