CESfest 09

I’ve been invited down to London for the Microsoft-hosted CESfest 09 taking place tonight. As the blurb says:

We’ll be following the events of CES in Vegas and delving deeper into Microsoft’s announcements with representatives from the company on hand to talk about the projects they’ll be working on in 2009

The other invitees are:

I’ve met one of those people (hi, Lloyd), I recognise the names of a couple more and the others, well I’m looking forward to meeting them.

The event will be streamed here from 7.20pm GMT (or thereabouts) and hopefully in the embedded player below:

Stream videos at Ustream

Hopefully I’ll be Tweeting, Flipping and photoing throughout. If anyone has any questions they want put to the Microsoft people then tweet @chrisunitt or use the hashtag #cesfest09 and I’ll try to pick up on things. Or comment below (although Twitter may be best).

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