Nominated for a Weblog Award

I was pretty chuffed to hear that some kind soul had nominated Created in Birmingham for the 2008 Weblog Awards in the category of Best UK Blog.

If you’d like to vote (and I’d urge you to, daily) please click this big pic and then select Created in Birmingham.

The 2008 Weblog Awards

I’ve been promoting this a lot over the past couple of days and, although we’re currently in 2nd (as I type) I’m really pleased with the number of votes so far. What I love about Created in Birmingham is that there seems to be a genuine love for what the blog does and when the community shows its support it’s a special thing to behold. Of course, it has happened before in less pleasant circumstances, but this time it’s all rosy and positive.

I’m keeping a note of all those who’ve taken the time to blog/tweet/etc about the nomination so I can thank them properly afterwards, win or lose. There’s a long list there already and it’s heart-warming to see.

I’m not sure of the chances of winning, especially as this is essentially a popularity contest and the other blogs have huge readerships, but I’m doing my damndest to get people voting. It often feels like I’m stretching goodwill to breaking point every time I send another reminder and for that reason I’ll be pleased when the voting period is over (on 13 Jan).

In the meantime if you could vote every day that’d be great. If you have any sort of network (a forum, mailing list, Google or Yahoo group, blog, Twitter, Facebook group, Ning, intranet, office colleagues) you could ask for support then I’d be so grateful.

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