Where I’m blogging these days

I’ve been sorting this out a bit recently and really this post is for my own benefit as much as anyone else’s – kinda like putting a marker down and giving myself a structure to work in. Here’s what I’m putting where:

  • Here – ok, so I can’t say precisely what’ll go here. Potentially anything and everything. Maybe bits from elsewhere. I’d like to keep things interesting and/or useful although of course that’s awfully subjective
  • Meshed Media – strictly business. This is what I’m doing, what I’ve done, what’s coming up, who I’m working with and who I’d like to work with (site is a WIP for now)
  • Osiris Licensing – where I tout my wares and blog about things relevant to alcohol and entertainment licensing. Did someone say ‘niche’?
  • Twitter – day-to-day mutterings
  • Chrumblr – personal bits and bobs. I’ll just throw things at this.  I’m really starting to enjoy the Tumblr community/aesthetic – if Flickr did blogs I suspect it’d be like this. Speaking of which…
  • Flickr – where my photos go
  • Vimeo – where my vids go
  • Delicious – where I collect links to things

Incidentally, this site is getting a makeover so don’t be surprised if you see the theme and sidebars chopping and changing.

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I work at One Further, doing digital projects with cultural organisations. Follow @ChrisUnitt or find me on LinkedIn.

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