SXSWi Notes: Curating the Crowd-Sourced World

Curating the Crowd-Sourced World


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SXSW 2009


Curation – taking suggestions from your audience. In the echo-chamber though. Making the popular even more popular. Doesn’t help with reaching beyond that audience.

There is value in changing perceptions.

Is presence of a curator a recognition of failure of the crowd?
No. Useful to inspire the crowd (cf V&A’s approach re setting a standard for other users to follow)

On too high a level (ie with a very large crowd) there’s a signal:noise problem.

Other notes about this panel:

Fwiw, my notes on this panel are sparse because (without wanting to sound big-headed) I found it was pitched a bit too far below my level. The panelists are all engaged in interesting projects but some of them seemed unable to step back from their practice and articulate what it is they do and how.

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