I’ve been buying art

The CiB shop is probably to blame for this, although I’ve not spent much in there (yet – although you’d think the place has cost me enough money as it is).

However, I bought one of TTVPete‘s prints the other week. Pete’s a friend, but his stuff is lovely and he’s got a knack for catching casual moments and scenes. The one that he caught in the print I now own is from when Jo and I were working a mulled wine stall at the Kings Heath Big Party at the end of last year.

Jo and the Wine Urn

Last weekend I was down in London and, on a walk through Spitalfields Market, I passed a section of prints that caught my eye. The style was quite instantly recognisable as that of Tom Lewis. I’d nicked a picture of one of his little hip-hop characters to use as an avatar a few years back and also given him a mention on CiB.

Long story short, we had a nice chat (he’s a top chap) and I bought a couple of prints – Megan and the shimmer tree and The Legend of Hoo-oo Lagoon.

There’s a few other things I’ve got my eye on – a couple of bits and pieces in the CiB shop and also a canvas from the Mitchy Bwoy exhibition at the Sauce Gallery.

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