Avon Calling

Last year I played my own little part in Tuning Out With Radio Z by Stan’s Cafe when I ‘slept’ on stage at the mac.

The Other Way Works - Avon Calling

On Friday, things stepped up a gear when I had a whole performance take place in my house. The Other Way Works‘s new show is called Avon Calling and it’s intended to be performed in front rooms. As I’m on the board of TOWW (and game for this sort of thing) I volunteered to host a preview.

On the same day it had been kindly previewed by Lyn Gardner in the Guardian’s theatre tips, which boded well. I’m not going to go giving anything away, other than to say it’s a very sweet show, Louise Platt does a marvellous job as the Avon lady and the costumes, props and show notes are all fantastic. I even got a hand massage out of it.

It was nice to have a group of complete strangers round too – I don’t do enough entertaining.

Anyway, the show’s being booked through the mac and, last I heard, there was only one more booking available. Ah, and there’s a trailer for the show (by Chris Keenan who also did the photos) here:

Avon Calling – Trailer – The Other Way Works from The Other Way Works on Vimeo.

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