The other weekend I was invited to the National Theatre to talk at a meeting of Mitos21 PR and marketing managers.

Mitos21 is a group of theatre professionals associated to some of Europe’s largest theatre institutions. They were there to discuss the opportunities and challenges they face and a few speakers had been invited to provide food for thought.

It was a great event and I was quite honoured to have been invited along. I hung around for the day and was fascinated by the other talks and the discussions the attendees struck up among themselves.

As someone with one foot in the cultural sector and another in the ‘digital’ arena, I’d been asked to give a perspective about wider digital trends and to ask some provocative questions about how organisations use or misuse digital.

Here’s my presentation on Slideshare:

There were four parts to my talk:

  1. Arts organisations that do digital
  2. The people who are really good at this
  3. Digital organisations that do art
  4. The world stage

Over the course of which, I spoke about 12 trends:

  1. Mobile
  2. Focus on the user
  3. Print to digital
  4. Competency v innovation
  5. Web-only projects
  6. Lean methodology
  7. Hiring senior digital leaders
  8. New online stars
  9. Unbundling
  10. Competition for attention
  11. Global reach
  12. Digital transformation

Rather than give a slide-by-slide commentary here, I’m going to do a post on each trend and link from each bulletpoint. Do subscribe/sign up/follow me if you want to follow along. Or just check back later.

Finally, thanks to the people who suggested trends to cover off the back of my earlier post.

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