Development and fundraising: how arts organisations put their case

The other day I asked the great Twitter hive mind this question: Are there any arts orgs that talk about their development work or feature blog posts/updates from their development teams on their website? — Chris Unitt (@ChrisUnitt) October 8, 2012 I had to clarify what I meant by development (pesky jargon) so I’d better […]

Links for 1 August 2012

A couple of starting points this month. Firstly, ‘Assembly’ is an installation by Kimchi and Chips. There’s a fuller description of it on the Creative Applications Network but, for the purposes of this blog, here’s a video: Meanwhile, Leila Johnston’s post about Making Things Fast was quite rightly tweeted like billy-o. It’s worth reading in full and […]

Trailers in the theatre

When you go to the theatre why don’t you see trailers? This question’s been bugging me for a few weeks now. After all, when was the last time you went to the cinema and didn’t see trailers? Why the difference? In both cases you’ve got a captive audience of a few hundred (or maybe even a […]