Analysis vs Reckoning

This post is a follow-up to my previous one and is about using data from social media to improve decision-making in marketing. Don’t say you weren’t warned. First up, an example (with apologies to anyone who feels like I’m picking on them). A poor assumption I’d not come across The Les Mis Contract before – it’s a comedy skit […]

Twespians Fringe: Social Media and Theatre

On Friday I went along to the Twespians Fringe: Social Media and Theatre talk given by Sven Ruggenberg (I mentioned his thesis on the topic in an earlier post). You can see Sven’s presentation on Prezi below. The crowd was a mixture Twespians and Society of London Theatre members. The former tend to be on the more […]

Surveys: Social Media in Theatre Marketing and The Fringe & Off West End Audience Report

There’s a general lack of decent information about the use of digital and social media in the arts and culture sector. It’s a frequent source of frustration when doing research and more strategic work. However, a couple of things have come along recently. Social Media in Theatre Marketing The first is by Sven Ruggenberg and […]