Analysis vs Reckoning

This post is a follow-up to my previous one and is about using data from social media to improve decision-making in marketing. Don’t say you weren’t warned. First up, an example (with apologies to anyone who feels like I’m picking on them). A poor assumption I’d not come across The Les Mis Contract before – it’s a comedy skit […]

Museum stats and analytics

This year there have been a few websites and projects aimed at presenting online (and offline) statistics relating to museums. These are the ones I’ve seen, in chronological order. There may well be more, so if I’ve missed any good ones then let me know. When Should I Visit? was made at Culture Hack London […]

Links for 6 October 2009

Derek Powazek – How to Publish a Magazine in a Day and a Half – “But, really, I can’t believe how easy it was. Making print media used to be so difficult. I remember cutting and gluing long columns of text together, shooting flats, and generally sweating for days to create my college newspaper. Now […]